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Our fully integrated solutions are enabling connectivity via website, mobile app and social media, allowing you to control your total digital business presentence in one place!

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Scalable applications

Custom application development for web, mobile or desktop.

E-commerce integration

Full integration of e-commerce solution for your business, with shopping cart and payment portal. read more...

Redesign existing websites

Revamping your websites with responsive design, allowing your business to stay up-to-date with competition. read more...

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance for applications developed by our team or by 3rd party! read more...

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Scalable Applications

Web Applications

We specialize in website or web application development for small and medium businesses. We will help you choose your web strategy and create websites that will be tailored to your requirements. Fulfilling all the web design criteria will result in an increase of your business growth. Well-constructed web applications will help you reach more customers and expand your business or optimize your internal business operations.
Canadian Software Solutions offers affordable web solutions that will help your business grow. We are focused on building your website quickly and effortlessly.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile apps for smart phones and tablets allow you full control and support to your clients using all technologies such as gyroscopes, cameras, GSM, Wi-Fi, location, etc. We have great experience in native mobile apps including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile Platforms. Using the latest technology and accompanying trends in mobile application development, our developers will create any kind of application for your business.

Desktop Applications

We have extensive experience developing applications for different types of businesses. We would work closely gathering your business requirements in order to produce an application in accordance with your expectations.
We offer a wide range of services including design that would help you optimize your operations or allow you better tracking, as well as quality testing of software to maintain stability of your business applications. Our team of professionals can help you choose the most suitable option in line with the needs of your business.

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E-Commerce Integration

E-Commerce Applications

If you already have a store and want to expand your business and internet sales, we can develop an internet shop which is fully customized to your business and integrated with your existing software and databases.
All of our development is modular in structure (so it can be expanded in the future) and there is no limitation to which ideas could be developed into a solution. Our team is experienced and would be flexible to all your requests, and would find a suitable solution for your business.

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Redesign Exiting Websites

Redesign Websites

Under the term redesign, we primarily mean creating a new, modern, and better design for the existing Internet site. The purpose of redesign is to improve and modernize the site, not just visually but with various concepts to improve the functionality of the site itself.
It is likely that a bad and outdated web site will do more harm because potential clients could form negative opinions about your business instantly. The first impression with potential clients will be negative and they will probably go looking for alternative options.

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Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance for applications developed by our team or a 3rd party! We offer different IT support levels:

  • over phone support
  • remote support
  • on-site support

We offer efficient support and consulting for small and medium enterprises, based on monthly or hourly rates.

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We are Canadian software development company in business since 2001, originally named, and changed to in 2009. Over 16 years of experience in software development makes us a highly reliable choice for your IT business needs.

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